Sanft Family Church in Isinger, Pommern, Prussia now in Poland.
Sanft Family Church in Isinger, Pommern, Prussia now in Poland.
The oldest house in Isinger village where Sanfts lived.
The oldest house in Isinger village where Sanfts lived.
Only child of Friedrich Wilhelm WOLFGRAMM, a SANFT grandchild
Only child of Friedrich Wilhelm WOLFGRAMM, a SANFT grandchild
The SANFT name means one who is soft-spoken - a gentle person.  The SANFT family is originally from Isinger, Pommern, Prussia.  The town of Isinger is now, in our time, post WWII days, listed as Nieborowo, Szcezin, Poland.

Our family tree starts with Samuel SANFT & Caroline Friedrika Christina KLIX.

*Samuel SANFT born 19 Nov 1774 in Isinger, Pommern, Prussia, Germany and marries 17 Aug 1812 at St. Mauritien church (see picture on Wolfgramm Family Tree) in Pyritz, Pommern, Prussia [finally left the village of Isinger for an event...ha!] to Caroline Friedrika Christina KLIX.

Samuel was christened on 25 Nov 1774 in the village church of Isinger.  The marriage of Samuel SANFT and Caroline KLIX is recorded in marriage entry 15 in the church book of Pyritz - which is St. Mauritius, which at time was of the Lutheran faith and post WWII is now Catholic.  Samuel has the occupation of being a full miller and Caorlina KLIX is the legitimate daughter of citizen and miller, Joh. Carl KLIX.

They are the parents of six children:

1.  Johanna Adelgunde SANFT
Anna Adelgunde SANFT [1810-1836] lived till she was 26 years, 2 months, and 16 days.  Born on 27 Jan 1810 her birth is recorded in the church records of Pyritz.  Her name is also recorded at times as Hanna Adelgunde SANFT.  She marries seven month after her father Samuel passes away on 4 December 1834.  The marriage is recorded in Pyritz.

Anna is the bride of Johann Gottlieb HASFE.  In her marriage records she is listed as the daughter of Samuel SANFT of Stadtrecht.  

Johann and Anna have a daughter born 19 Oct 1835 in Pyritz, Pommern, Kingdom of Prussia, Germany which they named Wilhelmina Henrietta HASFE.  The witnesses at WIlhelmina's christening is listed as Julianna SANFT, another sponsor whose name was illegible, and WIlhelm HEIDEMANN.

Anna passes away on 12 Apr 1836 in her 26th year of life in Pyritz, Pommern, Prussia and is buried 14 Apr 1836.  Her life was brief.
2.  Karl Gottfried Samuel SANFT (one of his children came to New Zealand)
The first son born to Samuel and Caroline was named Karl Gottfried Samuel SANFT on 14 Feb 1812.  He is christened on 21 fFeb 1812 with the following as witnesses:  Mrs. Dorothea KLIX; Carl R----; and Mr. Doll, who is a baker.
3.  Wilhelm Henrich Gottlieb SANFT (he sent 4 of his sons to Tonga)
Wilhelm Heinrich Gottlieb SANFT born to Samuel SANFT and Caroline Friedrike KLIX on 12 July is christined 15 July 1814.  The witnesses are:  H. KLIX; Heuber, the baker; and Mrs. Doll.

Wilhelm grows to manhood and marries Christine Caroline GURR in Pyritz on 28 Oct 1841.  They would have a large family of 12 children.  It would be their sons who immigrate to Tonga in the 1870s to become the ancestors of the German-Tonga SANFTS.
Their children are:  

Daughter, Wilhelmine Henriette Emilie SANFT [1842-1920]
Daughter, Bertha Juliane Mathilde SANFT [1843-1916]
Son, Carl Heinrich Wilhelm SANFT [1845-1845]
Son, Carl Heinrich Franz SANFT [1826-1915]
Daughter, Maria Auguste Pauline SANFT [1848-1848]
Son, Friedrich Wilhelm SANFT [1849-1928]
Son, Wilhelm Friedrich Otto SANFT [1851-1917]
Daughter, Wilhelmine Christine Maria SANFT [1853-1911]
Son, Carl Gustav SANFT [1854-1892]
Son, Rudolph Heinrich SANFT [1857-1892]
Son, Friedrich Wilhelm Albert SANFT [1859-1897]
Daughter, Martha Marie Elise SANFT [1860-1891]
4.  Friedrike Wilhelmine Henrietta SANFT
Friedericke is born on 7 Nov 1816 and christened on 17 Nov.  The priest recors:
Friederika Wilhelmina Henrietta duaghter of Samuel SANFT and Caroline Friedrika KLIX is baptised and witnessed by:  SANFT of Kollwitz; Gottfried Doll; Miss Henrietta KLIX; WIlhelmina PANKONIN [her mother is a FRITZ]; and Mrs. HUBART.

Friederike grows up to marry Johann Gottlieb JAHNKE, a citizen of Pyritz and a master blacksmith by trade.  The y marry on 4 Jan 1838 in Wobbermin, Pommern, Prussia when she is 22 years old.  Wobbermin is a town south of Pyritz and, from family records, seems to be the 'gateway' from Neumark, Brandenburg, Germany into the Pommern region for family names such as WOLFGRAMM and SANFT.  In old family records, which Tongan descendants have passed on, the family name of JAHNKE was written as FAENIKE.  This shows the difficulty of reading Gothic handwriting from the 19th and earlier centuries.

Friederike and Johann become the parents of the following children:
Son:  Wilhelm Heinrich Gustav JAHNKE born 29 Mar 1853 and christened 1 May 1853 with sponsors:  Mr. WIlhelm Kindermann of Altstadt; the smithy, WOLFGRAMM; WIlhelmina KLASH or KLASS.
Son:  August Hermann JAHNKE
Daughter:  Caroline Henrietta JAHNKE who died at 1p.m. on 17 Mar 1851 at the age of 7y 4m 9days which places her birth at 8 Dec 1844.

There may be more children, however, more research is needed on the JAHNKE-SANFT records and line.
5.  Caroline Wilhelmina Julianna SANFT married Friedrich Wilhelm WOLFGRAMM (5 of their sons were sent to Tonga with 2 returning back to Germany at the turn of the 20th century) In old family records she is recorded by descendants as Julianna Henrietta SANFT, however, all church records created during her life time by the parish priest show her name as Caroline Wilhelmine Juliane SANFT.  Caroline was born about 819.  No more definitive information has been found an the year of 1819 was calculated when she married on 5 Oct 1846, Friedrich Wilhelm WOLFGRAMM at the age of 27 years.  
They have the following children:
Son, Carl Friedrich WOLFGRAMM [1846-1878] dies in the Kingdom of Tonga without any issue.  A nephew, Charles Ataongo WOLFGRAMM, inferrs that he died after trouble with the family business in Tonga and also from being so homesick.  In the family he is known as "Efalame" which means Ephraim and also a "fair complexion".  He was a gifted musician and his brother, Friedrich Wilhelm WOLFGRAMM, wrote a letter to Charles Ataongo WOLFGRAMM saying that his brother could " the violin, harmonica, and the flute..."
His birth is record in Pyritz, Pommern, Prussia, Germany as entry #138 in the year 1846.  Mr. Friedrich Wilhelm WOLFGRAM, citizen and blacksmith and wife, Caroline Wilhelmina Justine [should have been Juliane] SANFT a son, Carl Friedrich born 24 Oct, a legitimate birth, in the mid afternoon in the third hour.  Christened:  11 Hov 1846 with godparents:  Mr. HINZ, musician; Mr. SANFT, a workman; Miss Luise WOLFGRAM of Altstadt, an aunt.  Baptised by Mr. Deacon Diaz Pitschovias.

Note:  All of the children born to Friedrich Wilhelm and Caroline WOLFGRAMM would be baptized by this Deacon.
Carl Friedrich is buried at 'Aho Matafolau cemetery, Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga, South Pacific.
Son, Friederich Wilehlm WOLFGRAMM [1849-1928]
In the Wolfgramm family history he is known as Uncle WIlhelm or by the Tongans as VIliami.  He was married to Makalesi Taufa.  No children.  He does father a daughter named Kavamoli with a Tongan woman by the name of Mele TOKELAU.  Kavamoli would marry Sione or John BLAKE and become the mother of a large family.  This would be the only issue Friedrich Wilhelm has.
Uncle Wilhelm returns to Germany in or about late 1890s due to bad eyes which he dealt with for the remainder of his life.  He remarried in Germany to a woman named Anna ARNDT, which for the longest time was only known as Auntie Anna.
Uncle WIlhelm and Auntie Anna lived on Hauptstasse Street and took in boarders to help stretch their budget as Germany went from Emperor dollars intoa Republic. HaupStrsse was destroyed during the last days of WWII and the intense bombing of Berlin.
Uncle Wilhelm and Auntie Anna were married 10 Jun 1895 at Helgoland, Pinneberg,Schweslig-Holstein, Germany - which is comparable to our Las Vegas, Nevada reputation for being a favorite place to get married.
Uncle Wilhelm dies in Berlin at his home 15 Sep 1928 on Haupstrasse, Schonenberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany.  His widow, Auntie Anna writes letters to Tonga to nephew, Charles Ataongo Wolfgramm, and after WWII she lives in Bad Kissigen, Bavaria, Germany on 30 Nov 1953.
Son, Friedrich August Hermann WOLFGRAMM [1850-1908]
Daughter, Anna Henrietta Julianna WOLFGRAMM [1852-1877]
Son, Otto Friedrich Eduard WOLFGRAMM [1854-1856]
Son, Gustav Friedrich Eduard WOLFGRAMM [1856-1910]
Son, August Otto Friedrich WOLFGRAMM [1857-1857]
Son, Emil Otto Friedrich WOLFGRAMM [1859-1933]
6.  Christian Friedrich August SANFT (see picture), their youngest child, a son who would start the journeys from Germany to Tonga.  He is the only one of his brothers and sisters to migrate to the Islands.  

C.F. August SANFT was the first one to start doing businesses in Vavau.  The SANFT family has had the oldest companies in Tonga, since 1875.  The Sanft and Wolfgramm family brought the first Copra company, grocery and bakery stores, bars, movie theaters, etc.

Samuel dies in Stadtrecht [literally translated means the 'city to the right' which is outside the medieval walls of Pyritz] on 17 May 1834. His wife, Caroline, dies on 16 Nov 1827 also in Stadtrecht.

The KLIX family are millers and own the Mittelmuehle (see picture click Family Tree link below, I posted a picture of the mill above Caroline KLIX's name) in Pyritz.. Caroline's parents are: Johann Gottlieb Karl KLIX and his wife, Anna Sophia KIETER.

We would like to thank all our family members who have contributed geneology, information & photos! We'd like to acknowledge that this information has been compiled  from several sources. We are very grateful for those of you who's information is being shared here. We appreciate all of you & would like to encourage EVERYONE to share your family information here (ie: photos, stories, etc.) Please excuse & forgive any incorrect information.  This whole project is being done with the best of intentions & "Spirit of Love & Family". 
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