Sanft Family Church in Isinger, Pommern, Prussia now in Poland.
Sanft Family Church in Isinger, Pommern, Prussia now in Poland.
The oldest house in Isinger village where Sanfts lived.
The oldest house in Isinger village where Sanfts lived.
The SANFT name means one who is soft-spoken - a gentle person.  The SANFT family is originally from Isinger, Pommern, Prussia.  The town of Isinger is now, in our time, post WWII days, listed as Nieborowo, Szcezin, Poland.

Our family tree starts with Samuel SANFT & Caroline Friedrika Christina KLIX.

*Samuel SANFT born 19 Nov 1774 in Isinger, Pommern, Prussia, Germany and marries 17 Aug 1812 at St. Mauritien church (see picture on Wolfgramm Family Tree) in Pyritz, Pommern, Prussia [finally left the village of Isinger for an event...ha!] to Caroline Friedrika Christina KLIX.

They are the parents of six children:

1.  Johanna Adelgunde SANFT
2.  Karl Gottfried Samuel SANFT (one of his children came to New Zealand)
3.  Wilhelm Henrich Gottlieb SANFT (he sent 4 of his sons to Tonga)
4.  Friedrike Wilhelmine Henrietta SANFT
5.  Caroline Wilhelmina Julianna SANFT married Friedrich Wilhelm WOLFGRAMM (4 of their sons were sent to Tonga)
6.  Christian Friedrich August SANFT (see picture), their youngest child, a son who would start the journeys from Germany to Tonga.  He is the only one of his brothers and sisters to migrate to the Islands.  

C.F. August SANFT was the first one to start doing businesses in Vavau.  The SANFT family has had the oldest companies in Tonga, since 1875.  The Sanft and Wolfgramm family brought the first Copra company, grocery and bakery stores, bars, movie theaters, etc.

Samuel dies in Stadtrecht [literally translated means the 'city to the right' which is outside the medieval walls of Pyritz] on 17 May 1834. His wife, Caroline, dies on 16 Nov 1827 also in Stadtrecht.

The KLIX family are millers and own the Mittelmuehle (see picture click Family Tree link below, I posted a picture of the mill above Caroline KLIX's name) in Pyritz.. Caroline's parents are: Johann Gottlieb Karl KLIX and his wife, Anna Sophia KIETER.

We would like to thank all our family members who have contributed geneology, information & photos! We'd like to acknowledge that this information has been compiled  from several sources. We are very grateful for those of you who's information is being shared here. We appreciate all of you & would like to encourage EVERYONE to share your family information here (ie: photos, stories, etc.) Please excuse & forgive any incorrect information.  This whole project is being done with the best of intentions & "Spirit of Love & Family". 
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